"Tokyo Gaming Girls" theme song released today!

“Tokyo Gaming Girls” theme song released today!
The theme song for the cartoon video “Tokyo Gaming Girls” planned and produced by Panda Vision ,Inc.(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Atsushi Sano) will be produced by music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and LINE MUSIC in 2021. It will be distributed worldwide from 29th (Friday). The song to be delivered this time is vocalized by Anna Chiba (belonging to Crazy Box), who is the voice actor of the gal gamer “Rina” in the manga video “Tokyo Gaming Girls”. Kyosuke Hakata of the men’s and women’s music unit “Himuro” was in charge of songwriting. It features a guitar rock sound that is reminiscent of NUMBER GIRL, Quruli, and Supercars. The innocent singing voice of Anna Chiba, who will make her debut song, is also a must-listen. Please enjoy this song along with the main part of the manga video.

・ Music details
Title: “Tokyo Game Girl”
Vo .: Anna Chiba
Lyrics and composition: Kyosuke Hakata
Label: panda music

▼ Distribution site URL
Apple Music


YouTube Music


Amazon Music


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■ Profile of Anna Chiba


Voice actor, Anna Chiba

Voice actor, Anna Chiba (belonging to Crazy Box)
Birthday: July 19th
Birthplace: Iwate Prefecture
Qualifications: 5 steps for mental arithmetic, 3 steps for mental arithmetic
Hobbies: reading, watching movies, playing games
Special skill: Singing
Dialect: Iwate Ben
Performing arts: Japan Narration Actors Institute

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